Reconstruction of a corbelled cornice

Ricomposizione di cornice con mensole
From the Augustan Era: 2 BC
Material and technique: 
Reconstruction completed using plaster moulds taken from the original pieces displayed in the room, and one original piece (FA 2574). Luna marble
FA 2574 - FA 2498 - FA 2497

From the external order (peristyle) of the Temple of Mars Ultor in the Forum of Augustus

-Piece of the corbelled cornice (curved upper edge or sima with rainwater spout shaped like a lion's head)
FA 2574

-Resin mould of a piece of a corbelled cornice (corbel)
FA 2498

Taken from the original piece on display
FA 335

-Mould of a piece of the corbelled cornice (lacunar)
FA 2497

Taken from the original piece on display
FA 27

Opere del percorso

The hall

Decorazione esterna del Tempio di Marte Ultore

The Temple of Mars Ultor is generally held to be the first time that the Corinthian order was used in Roman architecture. Supported by an unusually high podium (3.55 m) made out of large blocks of Grottascura tufa stone faced in white Luna marble, the huge external order is anchored to the walls in square blocks and, as in many other buildings in the Forum, the constituent parts of the trabeation are made of several different sections.