Introduction to Caesar's Forum

A magnificent piece of a frieze-architrave serves as the Museum's introduction to Caesar's Forum. From the internal order of the cella inside the Temple of Venus Genetrix, the frieze, like all the decorative elements in the Trajan reconstruction of Caesar's Forum, takes love and abundance as its theme. Depicting pairs of cherub-like figures, the first four couples on the right are shown holding weapons, whilst the last three, by the crack on the left hand side, are intent on holding up a receptacle from which to pour out some wine.

Introduzione al Foro di Cesare

The objects shown in the frieze represent the symbols attributed to the most senior Olympian deities: the quiver for Diana and Apollo, Minerva's shield with its Gorgon badge and last but not least, the wine always associated with Dionysus. Thanks to the gap or “lacuna” on the underside of the architrave that extended across the entire void between the portico and the cella wall, and a well-placed mirror, it is possible to see a section of the grid of recessed panels that characterize a lacunar ceiling.

Foro di Cesare, Rilievi con Amorini

Frieze-architrave with ceiling
Frieze with cherub-like figures, banded architrave with lacuna, lacunar ceiling 
From the first order of the internal decoration of the cella in the Temple of Venus Genetrix in Caesar's Forum.
From the Trajan Era – 113 AD
Luni marble
FC 4503