The set-up planning aims to give continuity to the architectural motifs, through the study of integrations and reorganisations of the original fragments developed in height, where possible, within the limits also due to the architectural context of the Trajan's Markets, in order to evoke the real spatial relationship and to highlight both the decorative and symbolic equipment (the "figurative program" and communication, in relation to the public of the time), and its relationship with the construction system.

Progetto esecutivo della ricomposizione di una nicchia del Foro di Augusto

The approach to the original materials has generally excluded the use of linchpins for their assembly, which took place rather with the combination of modern stone additions and / or casts of other for various reasons unusable originals.

The fundamental principle of the museographic intervention is  the full reversibility of the setting-up allowing restorers to complete the recompositions with any new fragments that may emerge as a result of the progress of excavations and archaeological studies, with the aim of restoring the visual unity of the materials.