Reconstruction of a figurative relief with different scenes of cupid-like figures set back to back in the act of sacrificing bulls - FC 1021

FC 1021
From the Trajan Era: 113 AD
Material and technique: 
Luna marble
Foro di Cesare
FC 1021

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Decorazione esterna del Tempio di Venere Genitrice

Two adjoining rooms are home to pieces of the exterior decoration of the temple. These panels, each depict a variation of the same scene: cherub-like figures holding up garlands and sacrificing bulls (tauroctony). 
The Temple of Venus Genetrix was embellished by extremely delicate decorative elements such as the reconstructed lesene displayed in the room, decorated with vine tendrils, and a piece from the corbelled cornice of the external trabeation, in which the original decorations along the sima are still intact.