Piece from the lower block of an Ionic cornice

Frammento di cornice ionica, blocco inferiore
From the Caesarian – Augustan Era: 46 BC – 27 BC
Material and technique: 
Luna marble
Caesar's Forum
FC 5

Piece from the lower block of an Ionic cornice from the porticos in Caesar's Forum

The hall

Sala con i frammenti architettonici di età cesariana

The first room in this section has a display of a few architectural pieces that date to the time this forum was first built and more specifically from the order of the portico and that of the pilasters that screened the apses at the top of the porticoes.
One exhibit worthy of particular mention is the piece of a capital with decorations on three sides. It is one of the oldest marble pieces of all, created right at the point when Roman decorative style was evolving into something new. The tendril that ends in a rosette is extremely characteristic.