Piece of the colossal statue of Genius Augusti (part of the right forearm)

Frammenti di statua colossale del Genio di Augusto (parte dell’avambraccio destro)
From the Augustan Era: 2 BC
Material and technique: 
Paros marble (from the Greek Island)
Ricomposto da quattro frammenti combacianti: FA 182 a – b – c - d

From the Hall of the Colossus in the Forum of Augustus

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

L'aula del Colosso

The Colossus stood on a high podium made from blocks of tufa stone. It was part of the original design of the Hall and sculpted whilst the Hall itself was being built. The footprints still visible on the top of the podium, cut into the slabs of Pavonazzetto marble used to face it, show that the weight of the figure was resting on the left foot, (approx 177cm long) which was positioned in front of the right, (which was 166cm long) which was almost touching the wall behind.